Good Things

We have a specially chosen collection of handmade and local items available in the restaurant.  Take home something unique as a gift for friends, or as a treat to yourselves for a lingering flavor of your trip through the Anderson Valley…. and your visit to Lauren’s.

Lauren’s Jams 
Our homemade jam, made in our kitchen with mostly local fruit. Flavors currently on the shelf: Boysenberry, Wild Blackberry, Strawberry,  Plum,  and Blueberry.

Anderson Valley Wines
We have a great selection of local wines.  Did you have a something tasty with your dinner?  You can purchase a bottle or two to take home, or to go along with you on a picnic in the redwoods.

Aprons and Bags by Mamasusu
Susan McClure, our good friend and a long time member of our great kitchen team, offers her wonderful handcrafted items made with cotton and vintage fabrics.

Lauren’s coffee mugs
A great way to enjoy coffee in the morning. Nice and sturdy, a classic style diner mug that feels great in your hand.   They make a great gift paired with a jar of Lauren’s Jam.

Secrets of Salsa
A collection of salsa recipes from the Anderson Valley’s Mexican women. Produced by the Anderson Valley Adult School.   Authentic flavor at it’s very best!

Local Olive Oil

We’re sorry that we’re not set up for shipping our retail sales items, but everything is small and easily packable when you purchase them at the restaurant.