Table Art

It all started in a corner at the back of the restaurant in 1996.  My daughter, Nora, then five, needed a place to hang out when she was at the restaurant with me.  And so, it turned out, did other kids …… when sitting at the table with the folks was just a bit too much to keep their attention.  So the Kid’s Corner was born;  with books,  crayons, and a few toys.  That worked well, but then I decided to extend it to the table, with a pot of colored pencils and plain paper, to keep the kid’s occupied when it was time to have dinner. This, I thought would at least give parents a fighting chance to have the family together for dinner!

So ….  now we had Table Art at Lauren’s ….. and no longer just from the kids.  Everyone started drawing and the creativity and selection has been terrific.   Some people took their art home, but most left their drawings with us.   Our wonderful collection has steadily grown.   After a few years, we had our first Table Art Show, hanging our favorites on the walls.  We continue to have Table Art shows every few years, the last one curated by Dennis Hudson, in July of 2014.

With the change in our menu format years back, we added Table Art drawings to the menu covers, making each menu unique.   The selection and artwork has evolved over time, but the original intention remains the same:   be creative, have fun and enjoy your time at our table.

So when you come in for a meal at Lauren’s, make sure that your pencil pot has the colors that you like and that there is a good supply of paper for you to get started.   Who knows?  You might find your drawing on one of the menus, or on our wall, the next time you come to see us!!

Table Art has also grown into a selection of cards available for purchase in our gift corner.  Postcards coming soon.